What do we do

We are a humanitarian and development organization supporting vulnerable communities affected by education, peacebuilding, child protection, gender-based violence, sport, out-of-schooling, trauma, malnutrition, violent extremism, climate change, agricultural issues and human rights abuses.

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Our mission is to support and empower vulnerable communities affected by war in Mali. We are committed to working towards peacebuilding, providing quality education, ensuring accessible health care, ensuring child protection, promoting nutrition, water supply, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), to defend human rights, to offer online and physical support when needed, and to provide emergency humanitarian aid.


Our vision is a Mali where every individual, regardless of their situation, can live in peace, dignity and prosperity. We aspire to a society where the rights of all are respected, where access to quality education, essential health care and decent living conditions are guaranteed. We seek to establish resilient, self-reliant and supportive communities capable of rebuilding and thriving after conflict.